The IEPL management does not make any unsolicited job offers. Public are being forewarned that some unscrupulous elements are making unsolicited job offers with intention of defrauding innocent people. Kindly be vigilant and cautious to such elements.
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Bribery and Corruption – our public statement

Indorama is committed to complying with all applicable laws, wherever we operate. It is a core aspect of our mission to act with integrity in all of our operations. The board of directors of Indorama expects all employees to comply with both the letter and spirit of the law.

We will not pay or procure the payment of a bribe or unlawful fee to encourage the proper performance of a task or one which is intended or likely to compromise the integrity of another. We will not accept any payment, gift or inducement from a third party which is intended to compromise our own integrity.

Indorama has issued a detailed Ethics Policy to all employees, to ensure that the company’s commitment to integrity and legal compliance is followed, including procedures dealing with anti-bribery, conflicts of interest, and other important matters.

When contracting with a third party we will insist that they acknowledge our commitment to good governance and that they in turn require the same high standards of their own staff and of those they engage.

Any person who believes that Indorama or its staff are involved in bribery and corruption is encouraged to report their concerns to